Cutting Edge Technologies builds the highest quality dies, while maintaining exceedingly completive costs. We Specialize in Design and Manufacturing of Line, Progressive, Transfer, and Roll Form Tooling.

Equipment List
CNC Capabilities
Awea SP3016 X=120" Y=60"
Ganesh VFM4024 X=40" Y=24"
Quaser MV214 X=60" Y=29"
Hurco VM10 
Wire Burn Capabilities
Sodick AQ325L 
Sodick ALN400G
EDM hole driller
Tryout Presses
400 ton 120"x60" Danly
200 ton Niagra
CAD CAM Software
CMM Capabilities
Sheffield CMM
CMM Manager software
Shop Equipment
Gallmeyer, Blanchard and Do-all wet grinders
Lodge & Shipley lathe
Drill presses
Radial arm drill presses
Wells cut off saw
Pedestal grinder
Bridgeport and Acer mills
Milwaukee large vertial mills
Clark Electric 6,000 lbs and Kalmar 10,000 lbs Fork trucks
Giddings and Lewis boring mill
5-ton and 10-ton Hoists
Truck Shipping
International 26,000lbs GVU Flat bed